The Secrets to Making a Living by Freelance Copywriting


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Everyone dreams about becoming their own boss, setting their own schedule and working in their pajamas.

It’s not an easy goal to achieve, but if you can string words together, you can make money by freelancing writing online. The key is to slowly build your resume and make enough good contacts to become a stay-at-home copywriter.

Learn About SEO

Copywriters must be well-versed in search engine optimization (SEO). Pick any topic, such as Manhattan divorce attorneys, and you’ll generate hundreds or thousands of search results. The goal of SEO is to get your copy to the top of a keyword search to generate more clicks, and the better you are at that, the better your odds of getting a job.

There are books, web sites, social media feeds and discussion groups about SEO. Read everything you can find about the topic and keep abreast of SEO trends even as you get more jobs. SEO is constantly evolving.

First Work For Free

Getting experience is the key to getting paid jobs. Some people will tell you to hold out for a paying job first. But taking on a free project for a friend, your son’s baseball team or your church can help you get that experience much more quickly. As a bonus, you can feel your way along. No one will be expecting big results, and so if you don’t get it right the first time, there’s little price to pay.

Find The Right Job Sites

A midtown divorce attorney wouldn’t go to a happy marriage club to drum up business, and you shouldn’t waste your time on the wrong job sites either. Find sites that specialize in freelance writing, many of which have subsections on copywriting. Use social media to ask others in the business where they find leads. And consider putting an ad for yourself on Craigslist to drum up business.

Approach Local Businesses

A business owner may not know he needs an online copywriter until you convince him. Explain how your craft works and how his business could benefit from your services. Offer to do a one-time paid trial with no obligation to continue if the owner is not pleased. Then knock his socks off.

Network, Network, Network

Social media sites, especially LinkedIn, are a great way to find potential clients. Network with other copywriters by joining industry-focused groups and weighing in with your opinion. It’s not uncommon for other writers to recommend a friend for a gig, and your goal should be to become that friend.

With the right experience, contacts and drive, you’ll find enough assignments to succeed in this exciting, growing field – and make enough money to buy some really spiffy pajamas to work in!

This guest blog post was written by CJ who specializes in career advice, from what it takes to be considered the best Manhattan divorce attorneys to how to get your foot in the door when no one seems to be answering.


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