Top 3 Affiliate Plugins for WordPress

WordPress is definitely the best CMS platform in the world and therefore it’s the first choice of most affiliate marketers across the globe. But, in order to succeed you would need to make it a perfect affiliate marketing website – this isn’t an easy job.

But, WordPress is a place where you can use plenty of plugins and that’s the only advantage of this amazing platform. Therefore, you can easily use affiliate plugins to increase the functionality of your website and earn much more.

Using these amazing plugins you could easily convert a simple WordPress blog or website into a brilliant niche website that could earn you affiliate commissions or AdSense revenue.

There are plenty of Affiliate plugins which are created specifically for WordPress. But, the best ones are those that could help increase targeted traffic thereby getting you more sales and commission.

The Clickbank Plugin

Clickbank is one of the most popular affiliate marketing options and they have thousands of people under them. Each and every month they pay thousands of affiliates who make successful sales. But, in order to display the right products coding is needed and this really takes up a lot of your time.

However, using the clickbank plugin, related products would automatically appear on your page without the need of complicated programming. All you need is a few clickbank sales each month to surpass your AdSense earnings. So, take the time to optimize your site for such affiliate plugins in order to make the most out of them.

SEO Smart Links

This is a great way to include your affiliate link on specific keywords without you needing to link to it every time. If you’re promoting a plant fertilizer using your affiliate code, you could use SEO smart links to include a link every time the word Fertilizer appears in your post.

Therefore, this would make your job much easier and fruitful whether you’re beginning a new blog or just want to add a few more links to your existing posts.

Amazon Showcase

Amazon is another commonly used affiliate program. Using this plugin you would be able to display plenty of related products form amazon directly onto your website without you needing to add them individually.

Even though amazon offers a small commission when compared to the others, a large number of people buy from them. The benefits of using amazon aren’t many, but any small amount that you could earn from your blog would help you be successful.

Since not many people promote amazon products due to their 24 hour cookies and low commission rates, the competition that you face would be really low.

Therefore we see that, without the help of some WordPress affiliate plugins the job of adding affiliate links and products turns out to be really tedious. Hence, just by using the right plugins to monetize your website you would be able to earn a substantial amount through commissions.

There are plenty of other plugins that support the affiliate program you use; so, if at all you tend to use lesser known affiliates you shouldn’t worry, just search and you’d be surprised at the quantity of amazing plugins available.

Abhishek is a SEO consultant. He works with a number of WordPress theme designer and like to keep a track of new WordPress plugins in the market.


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