WordPress Malware Removal

If your WordPress site has been infected by a malware,  the first step you should do is  contact your web hosting provider. Normally, web hosting provider can help you solve this problem , though some them could be  a pain to contact. Hostgator is a  web hosting company that provide  good technical support service to their clients. I would definitely recommend them to you. You can also  use this coupon code(SAVEHOSTING25TODAY) that can give me 25% off when your purchase a web hosting package from Hostgator.

WordPress Malware Removal Steps

Kindly follow this simple step in removing the malware in your WordPress website.

Prepare the following information

  • Your security question or last 4 digit card used in purchasing the hosting
  • When did the malware warning start

Contact Your Web Hosting

  • Choose technical support via LiveChat ,Call them or Open a Support ticket
  • Tell them what exactly happen

Your web hosting company will review your WordPress website and do a malware scan. Wait for their response(should not take more than 24 hours). After verifying the result and  told you that your site is cleaned but still receiving a malware warning , you will have to do the next step.

Removing Malware Warning

You will receive a review from Google and StopBadWare within 24-48 hours. If your site is clean, then  the malware warning will be gone and if not, you will get a message why your site is still having this warning.

You can also hire us to remove the  malware from your WordPress site.


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