Creating Niche Website For Google Adsense

In this article, I will teach how to create your first google adsense niche website.
Here are the list of things you need to have

Web Hosting – For the web hosting, get hostgator since they have great support, you can use this discount coupon SAVEHOSTING25TODAY to avail a 25% discount off compare to their regular 20% discount. You may also including buying a domain here although I prefer using GoDaddy or NameCheap for domain management.

Google Adsense Account – creating google adsense account is free you can simply register here

Domain Name – Domain name is very important, think of something that is related about the website that you are going to make, easier to remember than shorter name is better. you can get a domain at GoDaddy.Com

Unique Articles – write an article that is unique, the more the better. You can check how unique your article is by running a duplicate content article detector software like CopyScape.

Either of the two will work
Basic CMS Skill – You can either use CMS Made Simple, WordPress, Joomla or Drupal but for beginners, I would suggest using WebsiteBaker, I myself use website baker as first before learning the other CMS. You can download the latest version of website baker by visiting their website at You can check their website for instruction how to setup website baker or ask your web hosting provider.

Optionally, you could go straight with WordPress as most hosting has an auto installer for this application software.

Basic HTML/CSS Skill – If you know how to create a page using HTML, then that would be good enough. Simply create a page with a content on the left side and ads in the right side or vice versa, Of course you may wanna try other layout which you believe can make more conversion for your ads. If you want to learn more about HTML and CSS check out

Meeting this few requirements, means you can now start making your own Google Adsense Niche Website. You can also convert your site into a blog as your website grows.


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