GoDaddy vs NameCheap Domain

If your looking to buy domain name, you could either go with godaddy or namecheap but which one offer a better deal?

NameCheap offers domain cost lesser than GoDaddy. You can also get SSL Certificate for less than $9.00 a year. NameCheap also offer WhoIS protection for free for the first year and renewable for less than $3 a year. I would suggest that you buy your domain in NameCheap if you want to save money.

Godaddy on the other hand is more expensive than NameCheap. The difference in their domain price is about $1-$2 per domain name. The one thing I like about GoDaddy is that it has great domain management system making it easier to manage a lot of domain names. You could also buy and sell you domain name using GoDaddy auction but you need to register and pay $5.00 that is good for one year.

Overall its a matter of preferences which domain selling company you want to choose. Both company has its advantages and disadvantages. You won’t get dissappointed either you go with  GoDaddy or NameCheap.


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