Powweb Hosting Suck Big Time

If you have not heard of Powweb web hosting, I would suggest that you stay away from them. Powweb offer cheap web hosting at the cost of ugly customer support.

Why Powweb Web Hosting Suck

  • They will blame you if your site has been hacked.
  • Technical support are very lousy.
  • Does not provide Malware Scan.
  • Frequent server slow down.
  • Security is Poor.

If your planning to have your site hosted in Powweb, don’t and you’ll save yourself from future headache.  Use Hostgator instead:

Why Use Hostgator Web Hosting

  • Great technical support
  • Provide malware scan when requested
  • cPanel Interface. Easier to use compare to Plesk
  • Better Security

With Hostgator, you can be sure that your website is secure. In case your website got infected by a malware, hostgator technical support are easy to reach. You can also use this  Discoun Coupon Code that give 25% off  when purchasing their web hosting product: SAVEHOSTING25TODAY


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