Top 5 WordPress Plugins for E-commerce

If at all you have your own online shop, you’re going to need some awesome E-commerce plugins so as to benefit the most out of it. Since many customers are now shopping online, having an e-commerce website set up is of utmost necessity for any business – big or small.

You may have heard about such plugins, but even though they help sell products from within your WordPress websites itself, you may not know which ones are the best. So, let’s take a look at the top 5 WordPress plugins for e-commerce.

WP e-commerce

Some of the top sites use this plugin; it’s free and definitely better than many of the others available. When it comes to accepting payments, the other plugins don’t offer lots of options. However, this plugin offers various kinds of payments such as Paypal standard as well as pro, Checks and money orders, Google checkout, paypal express as well as chronopay.

There’s a premium version of this cart as well; and, as an added feature there are plenty of other payment methods that are accepted. You could also add shipping modules and sliders when you go pro.


Ecwid is one of the best plugins that offers you an ecommerce system along with a shopping cart which is really easy to install and you would have absolutely no problems when it comes to maintaining it.

Usually e-commerce sites want to have their very own customized looks on their shopping carts; therefore you’re free to do as you wish with the plugin.


It’s a perfect shopping cart which is also free to use. Managing this plugin is a piece of cake and you’d find it really easy to add products, review them as well as check the stats of your products. Since the entire shopping cart is customizable, you can make it look exactly the way you want it to.


This is a superb e-commerce plugin that has an amazing shopping cart. But, just like anything that’s awesome, this too comes along with a price tag. It’s not expensive and would definitely be worth its cost.

The interface is much simpler to use when compared to the other free plugins and it is definitely easier to use. If at all you need any help, customer support is great.


This is a paid plugin that is similar to Shopp and it does seem to be better than the free plugins. However, Shopp is better than this and hence most people prefer shop over it. However, when it comes to payment gateways, there are plenty of options for the buyer to choose from.

Therefore, when you’re choosing an e-commerce plugin for your WordPress website, you should choose one based on what you think your customers would be willing to pay through as well as your level of expertise in organizing the plugin to make it suit your theme.

These plugins are great for small and medium sized businesses; but, if you’re getting thousands of sales a day, you’re surely going to need a custom made plugin.

Abhishek enjoys experimenting with different WordPress plugins. He is a SEO consultant who works with a number of wordpress development London companies.


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