Make Gmail Unread Emails Read

If you are using a gmail as your main email application, then you have probably  encountered getting a lot of spam or unwanted emails. There are instances when you woke up the next day or havent check your email for a couple of days, your inbox suddenly have over hundreds of unread spam emails.

So how do we make gmail unread email into read email.

1. Go to mail setting located on the top right corner of your gmail screen. You will see an icon like 

2. Click Mail Setting

3.You will several menu like General, Labels, Accounts , Filters and more. Chose and click Filter.

4. Click  “Create a new filter. After clicking create a new filter, gmail will display a popup box with 5 blank field.

5. Type in the first blank From field “is:unread” without the double quote and click create filter with this search.

It will go to a new page with several tick box. Beside the creae filter button, you will see a tick box ” Apply filter to [x] matching conversions, where x is the number of unread email.

6. Tick the “Mark as read”  and “Apply filter to [x] matching conversions” then press create filter.

7. Refresh your browser after a while and you will see all unread email is now mark as read email.

8. After having your email turn to read email, do not forget to delete the filter because if you don’t, all incoming new email messages will be set to read



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