La Noire By Rockstar

Another great game from rockstar was release this year.  If you love GTA like myself  then you will definitely love this game.
L.A. Noire is a mystery based game where you play as a detective. The great thing about L.A. Noire is that you try to solve mystery and play as  the “good guy” .  L.A. Noire is somehow oppose to the setting of  GTA where you play as a gangster.

Check the game trailer of La Noire below.

I would highly recommend this game especially if you love games that are based is novel and mystery like Sherlock Holmes. Although I havent played this game yet, I am already having a chill that makes me 95% absolutely sure that L.A. Noire is a game that you don’t wanna miss out.

Oh before buying it, be sure that your computer can meet the system requirement. To see if your computer can handle this game, you can check the system requirement from their official website You can also test your computer by going to


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