How To Remove MW:SPAM:SEO Malware

MW:SPAM:SEO is a backdoor link malware that redirect your link to another website.   This is usually located in header.php, index.php and footer.php. To remove  MW:SPAM:SEO malware, you will need to locate a function called dnnViewState() and delete it.

Tip:  Try to sort the date modified so you can check which was recently changed. The file that was changed during the time you did not change anything is the time where your site usually get infected by the malware MW:SPAM:SEO.

Aside from that, you will also need to delete the line which start from <!–start-add-div-content–><p class=”dnn”> to <!–end-add-div-content–>. If this line does not exist, you can skip this step.

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