Protect Your Computer From Virus

Most computer who has an internet connection are highly targeted by computer virus attack but what if you don’t have an internet connection, Is your computer safe from virus attack?

The answer is absolutely NO, any computer can be attack by virus , through sharing of files and running unknown application. So how can we protect our computer from virus attack.

Below are my three most recommended tool that you can use to protect your computer from virus and spyware attack..

Computer Virus Protection

AVAST – i highly recommend this program as I personally use it. You can install it easily and get free updates. Avast is free to download and use but if you want more protection you can buy their PRO version.

Computer Spyware Protection

MalwareBytes – is a great anti spyware program. MalwareBytes helps protect your computer from spyware and trojan viruses. The program is also free to download but if you want real time scanning and protection, you need to buy their PRO version.

Internet Protection

Comodo Firewall – aside from spyware and virus protection, you can use a firewall for extra protection.  Comodo Firewall can help stop hackers and malware in gaining access to your computer.  Comodo firewall can lock your computer and registry system in case  someone is trying to hack you in order to stop them from causing damage to your computer system.

If your computer has been infected already, try  using this tool to help clean your computer.

For professional help removing virus, don’t hesitate to contact PC Technology .


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