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How to secure your WordPress website from malware attack?

Before building your WordPress website, you should find a reliable web host that can provide live chat/phone support to you whenever you needed.What if you already have a web host and a WordPress website running?

If you already have a WordPress website running and a web hosting, you should;

  • Ask your web hosting company to run a malware check.
  • After the malware check has been done on your website by your web host, and found no malicious script, change all the password of your cpanel, ftp  and WordPress admin access.

Wit this step ,you have already decreased the possibility of your WordPress site being hacked as it greatly reduced the risked of being hacked if no one knows your password except for you. The next step will be installing WordPress Malware Plugins such as:

WP Security Scan

A plugin that monitors your WordPress website vulnerabilities and also improve your database security.


Backup your WordPress website files and database daily.

Bulletproof Security

Another WordPress security plugin that checked and monitor your website for any malicious attempt’s on your website.

Better Wp Security

Secure your WordPress website by automatically backing up your WordPress website files and also monitor your website for any malicious script injection  or changes.

You do not necessarily needed to install this plugin, one WordPress security plugin should be good enough but I would highly recommend your install BackUpWordPress as it fully backup your whole website although some of the security plugin has backup, I still prefer using BackUpWordPress for making backup.

Lastly, do not install unknown or nulled plugins and themes because their are high possibilities that a malicious script is already injected on it.


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